Thursday, August 27, 2009

Digimon Pendulum Progress & Digimon D-gather ver2

Digimon Pendulum Progress Dragon Roar and Animal Colesseum.

The D-Gather is an updated version of the D-Terminal,it released by Bandai Asia and has similar function to the D-Terminal with the except  the Game mode. The Game mode has been replaced with a Partner mode which allows the user to raise any of the twelve Adventure Digimon or Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, or Impmon from Tamers. Also, the Data Size option in the Database is replaced with a second Technique option, and the Card option in the Database is removed.

other digivice in my collection..


  1. wow!!! Ajat pun xderk ag nie...Lat beli katne...

  2. ye ye la tu..ajt minat gk ke kumpul mende ni?
    klu nk meh lat tlg belikan

  3. mesti r minat...mse kcik2 dulu ajat kumpul gak mende nie tp skrg ble dah besar segan lak nak maen...huhu tp kalau lat nak hdiahkan ok gak..^_6

  4. klu nk ajt beli la tamagotchi ver4.5 nk jual..ade bwk kt kolej ni..hehe

  5. amboi2..sempat ag promote 2...beape harge die..ada diskaun x..xpun ajat beli satu pastu lat bagi percuma 10 kat ajat...klu gitu smgat gak ajat nak beli..huhu

  6. harge bagi diskaun rm5,jadi rm55 dah la..sempena bulan pose ni kan..hehe

    nk 10 je percume?nnti lat kasi dgn syarat ajt beli yang digimon pendulum progress yang hrge rm300 tu dari lat ek..

  7. amboi3....nk up ag promote 2...hehe ajat xderk duit la cik lat oi...bnyk ajat blanjerr utk rayerr nie...nti ble dah berkemampuan,ajat msj lat k...almaklum la ajt nie student ag bknnyerr cam lat bisnessman...huhu

  8. digimon tamagotchi version 4 & 5 ade x? kalau ade jual kat saya. email: nu hp: 0173101798.

  9. stock utk ver4 & 5 xde skrg ni..ada yg ver1 jap JAL special edition je..rjin2 r check blog ni..nnti barang da sampai sy post pic kt sini..

  10. ok kalau bleh kal saya kalau dah ade. saya amat memerlukan sangat benda tu sbb mak saya xbg bela haiwan peliharaan kat rumah. jadi bela digimon kat rumah pun boleh la. kal2 ye. tolonglah. from: Kira

  11. akum, nk tanya.
    digimon pendelum progress tu , main start daripada baby or boleh pilih terus digimon ?
    dia main jalan2 tak ?

  12. start dari baby,sama cam vpet ver1-6 gak..cuma gfafik lagi cun ngn ade tambahan quest dlm training je..nk beli ke?ade satu nk jual ni.

  13. hello are you still selling the digivice from season 1? thank you

  14. hi, i wanted to buy it still available?? how much?

  15. vpet ver1-6 ade jual g bro?nk g nie~

  16. Lat , digivice version first tu still ade lagi ke ? hemm pliss nak sangat

  17. Lat , digivice version first tu still ade lagi ke ? hemm pliss nak sangat

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